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Best Twin flame Quotes

The twin flame is your perfect mirrors. Your relationship with your twin flame can be intensely passionate. Your Twin flame will help you awaken like nobody else, and he/she will ultimately serve to show you who you really are. Finding The Best Version Of Yourself With Love and For Love.

Best Twin flame Quotes By Nikki Rowe

Quote 1

Honor the way a stranger can make sense in your world. Most people have been around for years without shaking our core & then one small instant in time, we cross paths with that one person who before them we didn’t know what we were exactly looking for. Over 6 billion people I share this planet with and I’ve only felt that soul shaking, jaw dropping connection 4 times. Believe me when I say it’s rare and you definitely owe it to yourself to honor it.

Quote 2

Twin flame love is raw, real and rare ~ it comes when we least expect, can’t understand nor have the patience to accept it, than its gone & the true test of fate starts to play. A bond built amongst the stars can’t be tampered by an earthly experience, trust the distance, twin flames always meet again.

Quote 3

He touched my soul long before I knew what his hands felt like.

Quote 4

The more I get to know him, the more I can feel my heart opening without my control. I always wanted a man to look at me as if I were a miracle, but I didn’t realize I would one day see a man just as grande.

Quote 5

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but it was deeper than that. A sense of belonging to a place I never knew I wanted but somehow always needed. It was a home that carried a heartbeat.

Quote 6

Our souls speak a language that is beyond human understanding. A connection so rare the universe won’t let us part.

Quote 7

Our eyes met and our souls caught on fire.

Quote 8

He was the one I wasn’t looking for.

Quote 9

You and I! The starry sky! Dancing in the night! Talking all things life.

Quote 10

I met you and I knew,  I was seeking you & you were seeking me to.

Quote 11

In a crowded room my soul would still feel it’s way to you. All we need to do is thank fate for putting us there.

Quote 12

I can’t quite explain it but it feels like I’ve heard your voice a thousand times before and your name rings true to my soul. We have lived many lives and now we get one more.

Quote 13

Our souls are madly in love, but our human keeps getting in the way. I will find you first in our next life, it’s the only promise I can make.

Quote 14

“There is so much magic in knowing you, i meet parts of myself I’ve been at war with, your presence alone is enough to make me feel like I win a few.

Quote 15

It’s nice to be chosen, to be that girl you have been searching for all your life.

Quote 16

My body’s been touched a thousand or more times but I am craving something so much deeper than that ~ I desire to be felt, right down to the core of my soul and the corners of my heart. That’s what love is about isn’t it ~ cracking yourself open to the possibility that it could change your life. 

Quote 17

I miss him for all the things he forgot to see in himself & if I’m lucky fate will help us rekindle a flame that never got set alight in the first place. 

Quote 18

Upon first glance I felt a sense of familiarity with you. Like we had been down this road a thousand times before, why I felt this with a complete stranger I am yet to know but I trust further down the road our chance meeting will make perfect sense.

Quote 19

With you, it is different. 

Quote 20

I can see the rest of my life before my eyes and that scares me a little. Men don’t tame my wild heart but somehow I crossed your path and have never been the same since.

Quote 21

My soul remembered him, my heart connected with him but time had separated him from wanting me right now.

Quote 22

We can try and push each other away, we can try and deny what we feel but when two hearts have connected and two souls have been reminded of love there is simply no way fate can keep us apart.

Quote 23

My soul has always remembered you; my mind is just trying to catch up.

Quote 24

I trust our connection, regardless of what logic has to say.

Quote 25

I share my secrets with the moon. She talks about her love story with the sun & I share all my dreams about you.

Quote 26

I felt you before I knew of your existence, maybe it was a hint from the universe to continue on the yellow brick road, so when I would find you along my travels I would simply just know.

Quote 27

He’s the reason I am strong but he is also my biggest weakness.

Quote 28

I always believed that first love would stay in my heart the longest, that it would be reminded through every man I met, through every song and every place I had been too, it hurt like hell to experience my heart crashing into a thousand pieces amongst the floor & the feeling of missing them so bad that my body ached that I spent a lot of time alone wondering if I deserved to be loved the way I love and then I met you & you gently reminded me that I was worthy and in your actions taught me to give love one more chance. So I did and as vulnerable and uncertain it all is, I’m glad my heart has met someone it wants to open for again.

Quote 29

He is the greatest mystery I had even known, one that always had me craving just a little bit more.

Quote 30

I can feel it, logic is trying to distract me but my heart it’s screaming it’s him.

Quote 31

Love is anything but safe, it’s wild and raw and will rip at your heart strings but once you’ve tasted it for the very first time it becomes like an addiction feeling nostalgia when seperated for another beating heart & before them you question where you called home.

Quote 32

It’s an intense feeling of human experience when a connection has the kind of power to turn dreams into a reality or crush them almost instantly. Those are the souls you remember decades down the road.

Quote 33

It was electric and we couldn’t deny it anymore, even when our words spoke different the energy we drew from each-other spoke too loud, it was almost impossible to ignore.

Quote 34

He was the safe place I would go when the world became shaky, he would either guide me through the dark or awaken my sense to appreciate my light.

Quote 35

It’s him, it always has been and it always will be, the only thing left now is timing.

Quote 36

Our hearts speak the same language but more importantly, our souls share the same voice.

Quote 37

He didn’t have to say much. It was all in his eyes. He didn’t have to do much. It was enough, just to be at his side.

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